Saturday, August 23, 2008

I am a Pretty Scrap Girl !!!!!!!!!!!

Wow!! its so totally official . I am so thrilled to let you peeps now how great full I am .
I thought about designing scraps a while back and really did not know what avenues I should take my work to, but though self patience and accomplishments I have taken a step further to my goal. I am so excited that I was accept to Pretty Scrap Designs !! . OMG I have not even told my husband yet rolfmao :OP but yes! Also I am did I tell ya ? I am a co-owner and designer for Charmed Scrapz ? Yes I did I am so excited about that also .. so I have to get back to whiping up more scraps and ideas in photoshop .. I just thought I should let you in on what was happening under the sheets ::peeks through:: lol cya !

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